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Select an Approved Contractor for Your Community Clean-Up

  1. Determine Which Council District You're In

    Find your Council District.

  2. Contact the Vendors in Order

    Contact the first vendor participating in the program that was identified for your district (labeled number one in the call order).

  3. Document if Vendors Cannot Provide Service

    If that vendor cannot provide service, document the following, then call the next vendor for your district:

    • Reasons service could not be provided
    • Individual contacted
    • Date of contact
  4. Select a New Date if All Vendors are Unavailable

    If none of the vendors are available on your requested date, please select a different date for your clean-up.

Call Order by District

Contact your district's vendors in the order they are listed below. Remember to contact the vendor prior to the event to confirm that the contractor is still scheduled as agreed upon.

Vendor Contact Information

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