October 19: First Degree Assault, 1700 Block of Langport Avenue 21222

October 19, 2020 11:00 PM

At 11 p.m., the suspect became angry over the victim not closing the refrigerator door and threatened the victim with a knife. The suspect was arrested.

October 19: First Degree Burglary, 100 Block of Lee Lawrence Court 21222

October 19, 2020 12:36 PM

At 12:36 p.m., three suspects broke into a vacant residence by forcing open a door. One of the suspects was arrested.

October 19: First Degree Assault, 100 Block of Calvin Hill Court 21222

October 19, 2020 7:00 AM

At 7 a.m. the victim was walking her dog when the suspect passed by and became afraid of the dog. The suspect threatened the victim and the dog if the victim didn’t take it inside. The suspect then went home and retrieved a gun, then returned to the scene, produced the gun and threatened the victim again.

October 18: First Degree Assault, 2600 Block of McComas Avenue 21222

October 18, 2020 4:25 PM

At 4:25 p.m., the victim was fixing a dirt bike for the known suspect when the suspect threatened the victim. The suspect then, displaying a handgun, assaulted the victim and took his cell phone. The cell phone was recovered by the victim.

October 17: First Degree Burglary, 6900 Block of Mornington Road 21222

October 17, 2020 12:50 AM

At 12:50 a.m., an unknown suspect attempted to gain entry into the victim's residence by removing a screen from a window. When the victim interrupted the suspect, the suspect fled.

October 16: Second Degree Burglary, 100 Block of North Point Boulevard 21224

October 16, 2020 7:00 PM

At 7 p.m., an unknown suspect(s) gained entry through the front door of a location that has gone out of business and attempted to steal the ATM Machine. Nothing was taken.

October 16: Second Degree Burglary, 2000 Block of Reservoir Road 21222

October 16, 2020 5:30 PM

At 5:30 p.m., an unknown suspect gained access to a locked trailer by unknown means. Nothing was taken.