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Properties listed on the Preliminary or Final Landmarks list or properties located within a Baltimore County Historic District (BCHD) are subject to Article 32 Title 7 of the Baltimore County Code, which requires a Historic Review by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), for certain exterior alterations or site modifications. Historic Reviews by the LPC are essentially a design review to ensure that work is appropriate and compatible to the historic building/district. In addition to a historic review by the LPC, all exterior alterations also require a Baltimore County building permit, regardless if the type of work needs a permit (e.g. for windows or siding). The LPC reviews proposals and votes on whether or not to issue a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), because they determined that the work is either consistent or not consistent with the County’s Historic Preservation Design Guidelines.

Determine if Your Property Requires a Historic Review

To find out if your property is subject to Article 32 Title 7, of the Baltimore County Code, contact Historic Preservation Staff, or search the My Neighborhood map. Make sure to select “Baltimore County Historic District” and “Landmarks List” layers to view designated properties (located in the upper right corner).

All properties within the boundaries of BCHDs are subject to a historic review. This includes development on vacant lots and exterior and site alterations to:

  • Contributing resources—Those that were constructed during the district’s period of significance, and contribute to the character, history and significance of the district.
  • Noncontributing resources—Those that were built outside the period of significance and don’t generally contribute to the history or significance of the district. Typically, noncontributing structures are those built more recently.

Apply for a Historic Review

Please plan your project in advance to take into consideration personal timelines, LPC meetings dates and application due dates. Contact our staff for assistance with projects or applications. All projects must follow the Baltimore County Historic Design Guidelines and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Rehabilitation.

  1. Step 1: Read the Application Instructions and Checklist

    The application instructions contains information on how to complete each section of the Historic Review Application and important information about submission requirements.

  2. Step 2: Complete Your Application

    Complete the Historic Review application form in accordance with the application instructions. Make sure to review the submittal checklists for additional information needed for review.

    Related documents:

  3. Step 3: Submit Your Application

    It is recommended to submit materials before the submittal deadline to prevent any delay if more information is needed. Applicants may submit their applications via email (preferred) to, or via mail or in-person to:

    Department of Planning
    Landmarks Preservation Commission
    105 West Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 101
    Towson, Maryland 21204

  4. Step 4: Staff Review of Application

    After submission, staff will confirm that the application has been received and review the application for completeness. If the application is found to be incomplete or contain insufficient information, it will be returned to the applicant, with a list of what information is needed. 

Submission Deadlines

The LPC meets on the second Thursday of every month, unless otherwise posted. They do not meet in August and December. Applications are due two weeks prior to the next LPC meeting. View the list below of meeting dates and associated due dates. Plan your projects accordingly.

Meeting DateSubmittal Deadline Date
January 12December 29, 2022
February 9January 26
March 9February 23
April 13March 30
May 11April 27
June 8May 25
July 13June 29
September 14August 31
October 12September 28
November 9October 26

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