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Founded in 1758 by John Reister, Reister's Town initially flourished because of its unique geographical location. Being a one-day journey by horse-drawn vehicle from Baltimore City, it was a convenient stopping place for weary travelers from the outer reaches of Western Maryland or Pennsylvania.

Soon it became a commercial center for the surrounding farmlands and mills. From Hanover and Frederick County, settlers, mostly of German origin, migrated down this road to the expanding Baltimore Town. Many of the buildings that housed these various enterprises are still standing today. Many of the structures in town were used as both commercial and residential buildings, a use that in several cases continues today.

In 1764, John Reister created a deed of trust for a plot of land to be used by the community as a church, school and cemetery. The Reisterstown Community Cemetery (PDF) is a Baltimore County Landmark. To learn more about the cemetery, visit the cemetery blog.

View historic photos of Reisterstown on the Baltimore County Public Library website.

Old photos of Reisterstown Main Street.

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