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Rental Registration Data

The County regulates rental units on properties with six or less; the state regulates larger rental properties.

Rental Property License Search

The Rental Registration Property Search displays all rental properties currently registered or exempt from registration in Baltimore County. Use the search to identify and monitor specific rental properties in your neighborhood or community. Select your desired license type to search the map by street name, ZIP code, councilmanic district or record ID.

View Data

View or download rental registration data, including the rental property address, name and address of the property owner, and the reason for exemption, if applicable.

Disclaimer: This information was provided by property owners and compiled by Baltimore County for public access. Baltimore County makes no representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of this information, but rather disclaims responsibility for errors herein and reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

Revised August 7, 2019         


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