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Rental Housing Registration

If you own a building in Baltimore County that contains six dwelling units or fewer that you intend to rent, including Section 8 and BRHP-assisted properties, each rental unit must be registered or approved for exemption by Baltimore County before tenants move in.

There are a number of conditions that may qualify your property for exemption. Review the criteria listed on the Exemption Affidavit (PDF) and if any of these conditions apply, complete an application for exemption.

If your property is not qualified for exemption, follow the steps below to register it with Baltimore County.

Step 1: Know the Registration Fees

  • Owner-occupied, one or two tenants: $48 per unit
  • Owner-occupied, three or more tenants: $60 per unit
  • Not owner-occupied: $60 per unit

Step 2: Have Your Property Inspected

Have an inspection performed by a state-licensed home inspector. The inspector must complete an Inspection Sheet (PDF) for each unit you intend to rent.

Step 3: Gather Required Documentation

You must provide the following with your application:

Step 4: Read the Non-Discrimination Regulations

You must comply with federal, State and County non-discrimination and accessibility regulations, as applicable. The regulations, exceptions and waiver conditions are described in the following pamphlets:

You will be required to attest that you have reviewed and understand the regulations before completing your application.

Step 5: Decide How You Want to Apply

Apply or Renew Online

Note: Please be sure to check that your rental property complies with all the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations. To locate your Zoning Designation, please visit My Neighborhood.

To apply for or renew your license online, you'll need:

  • A valid email address
  • A Visa or Mastercard to pay applicable fees
  • All documentation from Step 3 above

You will be required to create an account and accept terms of use before beginning your application.

Apply or renew

Apply or Renew by Mail or In Person

To apply or renew by mail or in person, you must:

Then, return your application and supporting documentation to:

Rental Housing License Payments
Historic Courthouse, Room 151
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204

Additional Resources

Changes for Rental Property Owners

Baltimore County Bill 26-18 amended the limitations on applicability of the Rental Housing License requirements. Property owners who are no longer exempted from the licensing requirements of Article 35, Title 6 of the County Code as a result of this Act shall obtain a Rental Housing License:

  • Dwellings not connected to public sewer are no longer exempt.
  • Dwelling units solely occupied by a person related to the owner must be related by blood, marriage or adoption or under the legal custody of the owner. Individuals must be related as grandparents, parents, children or grandchildren only. Family members other than those listed are not exempt.

These properties must now be inspected and registered with Baltimore County by following the process outlined below.

More Information

If you have questions about the registration or exemption process, email the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections at or call 410-887-6060.

Revised January 28, 2021         


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