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Most rental property in Baltimore County must be registered for a rental license, per Baltimore County Code Section 35-5-201.  This does not include such situations as:

  • Dwelling units solely occupied by a person related by blood, marriage, or adoption to or under the legal custody of the owner of the dwelling unit, which may include one additional individual who is not a minor without regard to the relationship of the individual and without regard to the number of minors in the dwelling unit related by blood, marriage or adoption to the additional individual or under the legal custody of the owner. Individuals must be related as grandparents, parents, children, or grandchildren only.
  • Dwelling units exempted as required by federal or state law or regulation; or
  • Dwellings listed on the National Register of Historic Places or the Baltimore County Landmarks List.

Rental properties that must have a rental licenses include dwellings with six or fewer units (including short-term rentals) and dwellings with seven or more units.  You must register and be licensed before a tenant moves into the property.

For Dwellings with Six or Fewer Units

For Apartment Complexes and Dwellings with Seven or More Dwelling Units

Self-certification is an option for apartment complexes or dwellings with seven or more dwelling units unless the owner of the property has been found guilty of Baltimore County Code violations.  If unable to self-certify, at least 10 percent  of the units must pass inspection by a licensed home inspector before a license can be issued.

Register Your Property

Follow these steps, follow the steps to register  to register your property with Baltimore County.

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