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Baltimore County has created a multi-agency work group to assist restaurants with reopening and recovery, and has expedited necessary approvals and permits for expanded outdoor table service.

If a restaurant or bar already has approval in place for outdoor table service, they do not need to seek further approvals unless they wish to expand beyond existing parameters.

Permits conditionally approved upon submission, subject to review.

Businesses must have already submitted their application for a Temporary Use Permit for Outdoor Table Service to be eligible.

To assist restaurants and bars with recovery, Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski has extended outdoor table service through March 30, 2022, only for those businesses who have already submitted their Temporary Use Permit for Outdoor Table Service application and necessary documents in the online portal below. Businesses must follow all requirements of applicable Executive Orders, and requirements and guidance issued by local, state and federal authorities. Continued outdoor table service requires approval of your application and the issuance of all applicable permits.

This temporary waiver of prior approval does not apply to the Tent Permit. Tents must still be approved in advance. For safety reasons, all tents must be approved in advance and businesses must have a valid tent permit prior to erecting tents or canopies.

How to Seek Approval for Expanded Outdoor Table Service

Step 1: Complete Required Documents

Restaurants and bars must complete an application for a Temporary Use Permit for Outdoor Table Service along with a completed checklist and all relevant documents below.

  • Checklist  
  • Copy of current Baltimore County Food Service Permit
  • Copy of all applicable Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses
  • Sketch or drawing that includes all relevant details in the Site Plan. Review the Site Plan Requirements for Outdoor Table Service
  • Permission letters from property owners—all owners of any real property must approve the use of their property for outdoor table service
  • Licensing Agreement Application—necessary only when proposed outdoor table service area includes property owned in fee by Baltimore County (not required for sidewalks or other common right-of-ways)
  • Tent Permit Application—necessary only if tents are to be used. Unlike the Temporary Use Permit, Tent Permits require prior approval
  • Temporary Road Closure Request—necessary only when requesting a County road closure.

Step 2: Submit All Documents Online

In the online portal, you will be asked to create an account. If you already have an account, please use your existing username and password. Once logged in, under the Permits tab, follow the prompts to complete the required fields, upload all required documents and submit your application for approval.

For document uploads, the maximum file size for each document cannot exceed 16 MB. 



Guidance to Assist Restaurants in Safely Reopening

Baltimore County has issued guidance to help restaurants and bars ensure a safe, healthy environment for patrons and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also refers restaurants to the reopening guidance provided by the National Restaurant Association.  

Requests for Temporary Road Closures

Temporary road closures will be considered, in limited areas, beginning June 5, 2020. Use the Outdoor Table Service Permit Application—Temporary Road Closure to submit your request. A representative of the Department of Public Works and Transportation and Transportation (DPWT) Traffic Engineering team will work with restaurant and bar owners or managers to determine what portion of a roadway may be appropriate for a closure. DPWT is working to provide quick turnaround time, with a target of responding with an approval or denial within two business days from the date the application is received, depending on the number of applications received.

Requests for temporary closures on State roads should be directed to the State Highways Administration.


Call 410-887-3191 or email for guidance, questions and concerns regarding expanded outdoor table service. 

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