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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates

Sediment and Erosion Control oversees active construction sites for proper grading and sediment and erosion control compliance, as well as investigates drainage complaints. Inspectors check earth-moving activities to ensure the disturbed area is stabilized sufficiently to minimize the potential for erosion and sediment transport from the worksite, as specified by an approved sediment and erosion control plan.

Process for Large Projects

  1. Large projects are designed by professional engineers hired by the landowner.
  2. A plan is designed based on standards and specifications for soil erosion and sediment control from the Maryland Department of Environment.
  3. Baltimore County's Soil Conservation District reviews and approves the plan.
  4. Baltimore County inspects the actual work for compliance with the plan.

Third-Party Inspection Program

Developers may utilize a County-approved, third-party inspector to monitor and enforce sediment and erosion controls at active construction sites.

Process for Qualifying as a Third-Party Inspector

  1. Submit an application describing your qualifications (see item six in the below policy). If not a sole proprietor, provide this information for each of your qualified employees. Applications may be submitted via email to, or in person or by mail to:
    Chief Building Inspector
    111 Chesapeake Avenue, Room G-21
    Towson, Maryland 21204  
  2. Attend the Baltimore County SEC Inspection Training program.
  3. Submit the completed acknowledgement and indemnification agreement.
  4. Obtain a letter of approval from the Baltimore County Building Engineer.

Inspectors must operate in accordance with the County policy outlined below.

Grading Permits and Regulations

A grading permit is required:

  • If the proposed work disturbs over 5,000 square feet of surface area or over 100 cubic yards of earth.
  • For any grading activities in any watercourse, floodplain, wetland area, buffers (stream and within 100 feet of tidal water), habitat protection areas or forest buffer areas, including forest conservation areas.

State and County regulations require property owners and holders of permits to install measures that will filter water run-off.


The grading regulations contain Section 1.04 of the Code of the Baltimore County Regulations (COBAR) which pertains to excavating, grading, sediment control and forest management in Baltimore County.


Learn more about the Environmental Agreement. 

Standard Plan Forms

Standard Plans are used in lieu of engineered Sediment and Erosion Control Plans approved by the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District for the following sites:

Public Information Act (PIA) Requests

For PIA requests related to sediment run-off from construction sites, call 410-887-3226.

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