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A permit is required:

  • For commercial roofing repairs, re-roofing and siding 
  • To undertake residential roof repairs if 50 percent or more of the sheathing or deck is being replaced. See Part 112.1.3 of the Baltimore County Building Code Bill 40-15.
  • All roof repairs, regardless of scope of work, that are located:
    • In a proposed or designated Baltimore County Historic District
    • On the Baltimore County Landmarks List
  • For residential siding, a permit is only required for properties located:
    • In a proposed or designated Baltimore County Historic District
    • On the Baltimore County Landmarks List

A permit is not required to put two layers of shingles on a roof.

Building Guidelines

The IRC Section R907 requires that when re-roofing or replacing shingles, Section R905.1.2 Ice Barrier and R905.2.8.5 Drip Edge shall be installed when replacing shingles on an existing roof.

  • The code also includes any step flashing or normal flashing be replaced.
  • The only exception to this is that if an existing roof already has an ice barrier membrane that is adhered to the roof deck, it can remain in place and covered with an additional layer of ice barrier membrane in accordance with Section R905.

In addition, the same applies to siding. When replacing siding, a water-resistance barrier is to be installed as required by Section R703.1.1 before siding is installed.

  • Tyvek is a specific type of barrier that is widely used. However, other non-proprietary materials are also acceptable to meet this requirement.
  • Flashing is to be installed around all windows and doors and shall extend to the surface of the exterior wall finish or to the water-resistance barrier for subsequent drainage.

About the Application Process

To learn more about the application process, read the steps and watch the videos below, or view the FAQ or full tutorial video playlist.

 Apply for a Permit

Once you have reviewed the process outlined above and have gathered your required documentation, apply for your permit online using the buttons below.


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