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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates
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The Right-of-Way Manual contains samples of all of the various deeds that developers must use to convey property to the County. In addition to the deed, the following must be submitted:

  • Engineer's and attorney's certifications
  • A "mylar" of the Real Estate Compliance drawing, if one of those drawings is a part of the deed
  • A completed intake sheet submitted to Land Records is required. Call 410-887-3259 for additional information.

 Important Note: If any of the required items do not accompany the deed package, it will be rejected and returned.

An easement is the right that one person has to use a designated part of another person's property for a specific purpose, such as the extension of a water or sewer line across part of your property.

Preparing Right-of-Way Plats

There are several types that come in two formats:


  • One inch equals 50 inches is the preferred scale for drawings, but drawings scaled up to one inch equals 200 feet are allowed. 
  • A metes and bounds description does not need to be prepared in addition to the right-of-way plat if the plat shows the same information that would be incorporated in the description.

Drawing Samples

The sample plats are provided to show the standard setup and nomenclatures of an acceptable County right-of-way plat.

Single-Item Plats

A plat showing one area of a type to be granted.

Multi-Item Plats

A plat that has two or more areas of a type to be granted. Multi Item plat shows for example: Drainage and Utility Easement Area “A” with the square footage in parenthesis and Drainage and Utility Easement Area “B” with the square footage in parenthesis and the label “Drainage and Utility Easement Area=” in the title block changed to ‘Total Drainage and Utility Easement Area=."

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