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Supplemental Information

Existing collocation customers who were initially approved for collocation by Baltimore County must follow the Cell Tower Resource Sharing (CTRS) review process to modify, upgrade, terminate or renew collocation on Baltimore County buildings or structures.

The complete application will consist of the inquiry form, supporting documents and a large self-addressed prepaid return envelope or prepaid return postage label. Forward PDF files as described in the Required Application Package Documents section, via email to, or deliver to us four CDs or DVDs containing the application and all supporting documents. Send printed documents and media to:

Office of Information Technology—Electronic Services
Attention: CTRS Coordinator
11112 Gilroy Road, Suite 101
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

Required Application Package Documents

Submit a Letter of Proposal that identifies the client licensee and representative, the intended site location, description of the project and includes detailed contact information. The full legal name of the wireless communications company for whom the request pertains must be included. Document must indicate the representative’s authority to request modifications via consent agreement or to modify the existing license agreement between the client licensee and Baltimore County agencies or departments. Letter must be on official letterhead stationery, and signed and dated by the client licensee’s authorized representative or legal counsel.

  1. Forward preliminary construction drawings, where applicable, that may be unofficial, unsigned draft versions. Formal drawings will be requested further along in the application process.
  2. A photograph of the existing equipment on the site must be provided with all requests for modifications.
  3. Provide proof of current insurance by forwarding a copy of the Certificate of Insurance or an Insurance Acord document showing the amounts, site name and location, and begin and end dates of insurance coverage. The County must be listed as an additional insured and certificate holder on the insurance certificate.
  4. Forward copies of all agreements (initial, amended, renewed and consented.)

Provide items from the following list only upon the request of the CTRS Coordinator or Baltimore County’s Legal Representative:

  1. Four printed sets of formal site plan drawings: The County requires that the contractor submit engineering drawings showing all existing utilities, including electric, water, underground telecommunication cable, etc., that are within 20 feet of the proposed work. Underground utilities need only to be shown when digging will occur at the site. In the case of water tank collocation structures, additional contractor provided orthographic drawings of the existing utilities are required. Construction drawings in collated sets must be blueprint size of approximately 24 by 36 inches and must show the elevation profile of the structure including height of proposed antennas and heights designated for future attachments. A written list of equipment with specifications must be contained therein or attached separately. Include antennas, cabling, equipment sheds or cabinets, etc. Designate a space on the drawings for up to three County approval signatures
  2. Manufacturer's design cut-sheets for antennas and other equipment.
  3. License Amendment or Letter of Consent (LOC) Agreement document template: Depending on whether or not the requested modification slated for approval impacts the current site lease or license, the CTRS Coordinator provides the appropriate template and preparation instructions for drafting an executable License Amendment or LOC Agreement. Upon acceptance of the final draft by both sides, the agreement documents must first be signed by the applicant and then delivered in quadruplicate as hard copies to the CTRS Coordinator for Baltimore County execution.
  4. Structural or mount analysis report: Document stamped by a Maryland Certified Engineer must be based on the Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures EIA TIA 222-G Addendum 2, with a finding that the tower superstructure and associated foundations are adequate to support the existing and proposed loads.
  5. Radio frequency analysis report: Document to show that the RF emissions proposed by the licensee will not interfere with existing RF emissions at the site.
  6. FAA study: Conducted to determine whether or not the planned structure or equipment complies with the rules of air safety.
  7. FCC license copies: Documents to show proof of authorized transmissions.
  8. Disclose the name of any contractor who will be performing any modifications or additions on site.
  9. Submit proof that the requesting Licensee is in good standing to do business in the State of Maryland.
  10. Submit organizational papers: Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Corporation documents signed by persons of legal authority must be submitted upon request.
  11. Issue payment, construction or performance bonds as may be necessary.
  12. Public Notice Advertisement: Must be placed per the Baltimore County Code. Once a new lease or license has been agreed to by the County, it must be advertised in a paper of general circulation for a period of three weeks at the expense of the Licensee. Final approval shall be subject to a public hearing should protest of such license be registered with the County.
  13. Memorandum of Lease: Required if the lease or license extends for a period of over seven years with or without renewals. Lessees or licensees shall be required to execute and record a Memorandum of Lease or License within the Land Records and to pay such taxes as are due to the State and the County.
  14. Bonds: Lessee or licensee may be required to issue such payment, construction or performance bonds, as may be necessary, in the determination of the Baltimore County Agency or Department entering into the lease or license.

Note: The CTRS will not duplicate or collate construction drawings or final agreement documents to make up the requested document totals. Failure to comply with the application requirements will cause review of the application to be delayed or rejected.

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