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Contractor References

The following are lists of Tank Removal Contractors, Water Testing Laboratories, Septic System Installers, Well Drillers and Asbestos Removal Contractors who are licensed in Baltimore County.

Certified Tank Removal Contractors (PDF) 
List of contractors in the Baltimore Metro area who are certified by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Certified Water Testing Laboratories (PDF)
List of water testing laboratories in the Baltimore Metro area. For the purpose of property transfers, water quality tests are valid for 180 days. 

Excavators and Licensed Septic System Installers (PDF) 
List of excavators and septic systems installers in the Baltimore Metro area.

Licensed Well Drillers and Pump Installers (PDF) 
List of well drillers and pump installers in the Baltimore Metro area.

Licensed Contractors to Remove and Encapsulate Asbestos (PDF)
List of contractors licensed by Maryland Department of Environment for removing and encapsulating asbestos.

Revised October 8, 2021         


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