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Educational Booklets, Fact Sheets and Studies

BookletBuilding with Well and SepticThis booklet is intended for use by people planning to develop an existing lot to be served by private water well and sewage disposal systems.
BookletGround Water and Wells in Baltimore CountyThis booklet is intended to serve as a basic guide to the principals of hydrogeology as well as an overview of the regulations concerning well construction, yield testing, and water quality for Baltimore County.
BookletRadionuclides and Your Well Water: A Homeowner's GuideIf you own and operate a domestic well in certain parts of Baltimore County, EPS recommends that you test your well for naturally occurring radiation. This booklet has been prepared to help answer your questions about testing and treating your domestic well water supply.
BookletOnsite Sewage Disposal Systems: A Guide to MaintenanceThis booklet is designed to provide homeowners with an understanding of how a septic system works and what steps can be taken to provide for maintenance of the system. 

Fact Sheet

Onsite Sewage Disposal System Deep Trench Design Chart

This fact sheet provides a summary chart for residential onsite sewage disposal system design options for conventional deep trenches.

Fact Sheet

Health ProjectsThis fact sheet provides an overview of how septic systems work, and how Baltimore County evaluates whether public sewerage should be extended for the protection of public health and the environment.
Fact SheetChlorination ProceduresThis fact sheet provides the basic steps to be used for well disinfection.
Fact SheetWell Yield Fact SheetThis fact sheet provides an explanation of some commonly asked questions about well yields.
Fact SheetYield Testing MethodsThis fact sheet provides the basic steps required to conduct a valid yield test in Baltimore County.
Fact SheetWet Weather TestingThis fact sheet provides a list of soil types for which wet weather testing (February 1 to April 30) will be required before consideration for approval on a septic system in Baltimore County.
StudyLogistic Regression Analysis of Well Failures In Baltimore CountyThis reports presents a statistical evaluation of the Baltimore County well water database regarding the sustainability of domestic water supply wells in crystalline bedrock aquifers from 1990 to 2005.
StudyWater and Sewer Service in Rural Baltimore County MarylandThis 1999 study looks at various options of how Baltimore County can resolve existing areas of problem septic systems, and better manage individual septic systems in the future.

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