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Operation ReTree is an equity-based, urban, tree-planting program initiated by County Executive Johnny Olszewski. This program focuses on replacing dwindled tree canopies in older, high-density, lower-income neighborhoods, and channels concentrated capital investment and technical resources to benefit residents of these communities by planting native trees in residential yards and common areas.

All of the trees planted through Operation ReTree are native to the Maryland area, and average five to seven feet tall, with caliper sizes between 1.5 inch to two inches. The County’s tree care contractors carefully locate the trees so that they avoid utilities, and they install durable root barriers as needed to protect sidewalks. 

Visit the Operation Retree Hub 

Visit the hub website to learn more about:

  • Completing the Right-of-Entry Tree Request form
  • Program data and progress
  • Tree species and planting locations
  • Community selection criteria
  • Partnerships
  • Benefits of tree-planting and tree maintenance

Project Background

Learn more about project implementation and funding

The County’s hyper-local direct marketing outreach strategy employed the community-based social marketing theory, which actively engaged community leaders and adjusted program elements in response to feedback and voiced concerns. We collaborated with community associations and duplicated outreach to tenants and landlords of  private rental homes, to maximize potential interest and facilitate communication between all parties. 

Due to the strictly limited geographic eligibility for each implementation, we intentionally avoid broader promotion through social media, media advertising and other strategies that could disappoint people not included in the targeted area.

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