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As space for planting on public lands is limited, a process for review of planting proposals has been established for the following purposes:

  • To assure that the County can meet its reforestation mitigation obligations under the Maryland Forest Conservation Act and the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Act.
  • To improve the long-term success of community planting projects on public lands.

Underlying Principles

  • Successful tree planting requires careful planning, proper planting technique and diligent maintenance, with awareness of specific site conditions.
  • Ecosystem functions and community benefits (shade and cooling, aesthetics) are optimized from trees that are healthy and that grow to maturity with well-developed crowns.

Approval Process and Guidelines

Citizens and community groups who wish to plant on Baltimore County property (parks, public schools, libraries and fire stations) should contact EPS to inquire about a particular site.

Once the site is approved, citizens and groups should refer to the Policy and Guidelines for Community Tree Planting Projects for details on developing successful tree planting plans. The Policy and Guidelines explain each step of the planting plan development, implementation and maintenance process. Planting plans are subject to review by EPS, which will evaluate the proposal for proper tree spacing, arrangement and species selection. Approved plans must guarantee ongoing site monitoring and maintenance for at least three years.

Additional Forms

Planting plans (aerial maps) submitted for approval must be accompanied by a Planting Narrative Form. The Narrative Form provides important contact information, as well as details that enable EPS to properly evaluate the planting plan.

Projects must be inspected and maintained on an ongoing basis for three years after planting. An Annual Maintenance Report Form must be submitted to EPS each year, summarizing issues and maintenance tasks completed at the project site.

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