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sample contract is available for your viewing.

All bid prices must be reflected in United States dollars. Our business is conducted in the public interest and most information relating to purchases is available upon written request.

Cash Discounts

Cash discounts will be considered in determining awards, however, cash discount offers must allow not less than 30 days to be considered in bid evaluation. A bid offering a cash discount in a period of less than 30 days will be evaluated as a bid without a discount offer; however, should that bidder obtain award by consideration of the gross price, the County shall make every effort to obtain the discount.

Cash discount periods will be computed from the date of delivery and acceptance of the goods and services ordered, or the date of receipt of correct and proper invoices prepared in accordance with the terms of Baltimore County's order, whichever date is later.

SDAT Good Standing Requirement

Vendors conducting business with Baltimore County may need to be registered with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). For information on whether registration is required Vendors should call SDAT at 410-767-1340.

Baltimore County verifies the company's status with SDAT and may require the successful bidder to submit a Good Standing Certificate, also known as a "Certificate of Status," issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation's Charter Division, and State of Organization.

Changes in Company Status

Changes in your business could have an impact on our obligation to report information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You may call the Purchasing Division at 410-887-3880 or email us at to find out how to update your information. You may be asked to forward a new IRS Form W-9.

Current Baltimore County Solicitations and Amendments

Current Baltimore County solicitations and amendments are listed below in alphabetical order.

To keep the public safe, effective, March 16, 2020, all pre-bids, pre-proposals and bid openings will be held via WebEx ONLY. For each specific solicitation contact the buyer for the teleconference phone number and access code number. Please do not show up in person for bid openings.


Title:  Background Investigations And Polygraph Examinations, As Specified
RFB Number:  B-10000122  (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)  Amendment 2 (PDF)  Amendment 3 (PDF)
Description:  This solicitation is for Background Investigations and Polygraph Examinations, as specified.
REVISED Bid Due Date/Time: 09/29/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Ivy Rosier, 410-887-3883,

Title:  Carpentry Services, On-Call, Term Contract
RFB Number:  B-10000145 (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County is soliciting a vendor to furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and supervision for carpentry services at various County owned and/or operated buildings within the boundaries of Baltimore County, Maryland on a time and materials basis. This is a term agreement of one (1) year with four (4) one-year renewals.
Bid Due Date/Time: 09/12/23, 2:30 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 08/18/23, 10 a.m., Contact Buyer for information
MBE/WBE Per Task (over $10,000.00) Goal: 25%
This solicitation is subject to Prevailing Wage requirements
Buyer: Gabby Johnson, 410-887-2241,

Title: Consultant, Animal Services
RFP Number:  P-10000140 (PDF)  Attachment A (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)
Description:  The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking an independent consultant to provide a full review of all existing services in the Department of Animal Services and to provide recommendations for process changes and enhancements, in accordance with applicable standards and best practices, on specific areas indicated in the scope of services.
Revised Bid Due Date/Time: 09/29/23, 2:00 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference: 08/23/23, 10:00 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
MBE/WBE Goal: 20%
Buyer: Nneka Miller, 410-887-3487,

Title: Consultant, Crisis Stabilization Center
RFP Number:  P-10000152 (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County is seeking a consultant with experience designing a crisis receiveing and stabilization center.
REVISED Bid Due Date/Time: 10/10/23, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference: 09/19/23, 2 p.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
MBE/WBE Goal: 30%
Buyer: Nneka Miller, 410-887-3487,

Title:  Consulting Services, New American Community Engagement
RFP Number: P-10000153  (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)  Amendment 2 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County seeks a consultant to assist the County in providing coordination of community engagement and outreach, to identify community priorities and develop a report summarizing the data on behalf of the Office of Community Engagement - New Americans Task Force.  This solicitation contains a 25% MWBE sub-contracting goal.
Bid Due Date/Time: 09/22/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 08/30/23, 10 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
MBE/WBE Goal: 25%
Buyer: Brian Mohney, 410-887-3243,

Title:  Development of County Telework Manual
RFQ Number: Q-10000162  (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)  Amendment 2 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County is soliciting bids to engage a consultant for assistance with developing the County's telework manual, as specified. 
Bid Due Date/Time: 09/22/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Brian Mohney, 410-887-3243,

Title:  Economic Consulting and Committee Support Services
RFP Number: P-10000157  (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County, Maryland is soliciting proposals from offerors to provide economic and committee consulting services to provide short-term and long-term economic data (historical and forecasted) and analysis in published and electronic formats, which can serve as inputs for County economic and revenue forecasts. 
Bid Due Date/Time: 10/06/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
MBE/WBE Goal: 5%
Buyer: Jason Hartline, 410-887-2495,

Title:  Linens, Baltimore County Detention Center
RFQ Number:  Q-10000164 (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)  Amendment 2 (PDF)
Description:  This solicitation will result in a multi-year term agreement for the provisioning of linens, as specified, for Baltimore County's Department of Corrections.
Bid Due Date/Time: 09/27/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Christine Carpenter, 410-887-3361,

Title: Printing, Outside
RFP Number:  P-10000149 (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)  Amendment 2 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County is soliciting bids for a term agreement for Outside Printing.  The term of this agreement is for one year with four (4) renewal options, as specified.
REVISED Bid Due Date/Time: 10/12/23, 2:15 p.m.
REVISED WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference: 09/22/23, 10:00 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
MBE/WBE Goal: 15%, per task over $5,000.00
Buyer:  Tom Acree, 410-887-2266,

Title: Receptacles, Outdoor, 32 Gallon, As Specified
RFQ Number:  Q-10000159 (PDF) 
Description:  Baltimore County is soliciting quotes for a one-time purchase of receptacles, outdoor, 32-gallon, as specified.
Bid Due Date/Time: 09/26/23, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference: None
Buyer:  Tom Acree, 410-887-2266,

Title: Recovery Housing Services For Pregnant Women And Women/Families With Children
RFP Number:  P-10000165 (PDF)  DHMH Spread Sheet (Excel)  Indirect Cost Form (Excel)  Line Item Budget (Excel)
Description: Baltimore County Department of Health, Bureau of Behavioral Health (BCDH) seeks one or more qualified vendors to provide family recovery housing services.
Bid Due Date/Time: 10/20/23, 2:00 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference: 10/4/23, 10:00 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer: Nneka Miller, 410-887-3487,

Title:  Traffic Calming Devices, Term Contract
RFB Number: B-10000097  (PDF)  Drawings (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County, Maryland is soliciting bids for traffic calming device construction services covered by this agreement which may be required during the period of time covered by this contract. 
Bid Due Date/Time: 10/13/23, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 09/22/23, 10 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
MBE/WBE Per Task (over $25,000.00) Goal: 30%
This solicitation is subject to Prevailing Wage requirements
Buyer: Jason Hartline, 410-887-2495,

Title: Transport & Disposal Services
RFP Number:  P-10000160 (PDF)  Performance Bond (PDF)  Payment Bond (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County Government, Bureau of Solid Waste is soliciting for Commercial Transportation and disposal services for Commercial MSW accepted at the ESL, CAF and WAF.  In addition, the RFP also pertains to transportation and disposals for Harford County MSW, which is accepted at ESL.  Please read the solicitation in its entirety for a more in-depth description of services needed.
Bid Due Date/Time: 10/10/23, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference: 09/21/23, 8 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Mandatory Site Visit Day 1: 09/21/23 at 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., address listed in RFP package
Mandatory Site Visit Day 2: 09/22/23 at 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m., address listed in RFP package
MBE/WBE Goal: 25%
Buyer:  Scott Mitcherling, 410-887-3881,


Revised September 21, 2023

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