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sample contract is available for your viewing.

All bid prices must be reflected in United States dollars. Our business is conducted in the public interest and most information relating to purchases is available upon written request.

Cash Discounts

Cash discounts will be considered in determining awards, however, cash discount offers must allow not less than 30 days to be considered in bid evaluation. A bid offering a cash discount in a period of less than 30 days will be evaluated as a bid without a discount offer; however, should that bidder obtain award by consideration of the gross price, the County shall make every effort to obtain the discount.

Cash discount periods will be computed from the date of delivery and acceptance of the goods and services ordered, or the date of receipt of correct and proper invoices prepared in accordance with the terms of Baltimore County's order, whichever date is later.

SDAT Good Standing Requirement

Vendors conducting business with Baltimore County may need to be registered with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). For information on whether registration is required Vendors should call SDAT at 410-767-1340.

Baltimore County verifies the company's status with SDAT and may require the successful bidder to submit a Good Standing Certificate, also known as a "Certificate of Status," issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation's Charter Division, and State of Organization.

Changes in Company Status

Changes in your business could have an impact on our obligation to report information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You may call the Purchasing Division at 410-887-3880 or email us at to find out how to update your information. You may be asked to forward a new IRS Form W-9.

Current Baltimore County Solicitations and Amendments

Current Baltimore County solicitations and amendments are listed below in alphabetical order.

Important Note: All pre-bids, pre-proposals and bid openings are held via WebEx only. For each specific solicitation, contact the buyer for the Webex phone and access code numbers. Do not show up in person for bid openings.

Title: Care Coordination Services
RFP Number:  P-10000199 (PDF)  Attachment B (PDF)  Indirect Cost Form (Excel)  DHMH (Excel)  Amendment 1 (pdf)  State Care Coordination Manual (PDF)  Line Item Budget Justification (Excel)  Sample Reporting 1 (Excel)  Sample Reporting 2 (Excel)   Sample Reporting 3 (Excel)   Sample Reporting 4 (Excel)   Sample Reporting 5 (Excel) 
Description:  Baltimore County seeks a qualified vendor to provide Care Coordination services to Baltimore County adult residents who participate in publicly funded treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders and other priority populations as determined by the Baltimore County department of Health Bureau of Behavioral Health.
REVISED Bid Due Date/Time: 02/27/24, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  02/06/24.,2 p.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer:  Nneka Miller, 410-887-3487,

Title:  Combination Air Valves For Wastewater, Term Contract
RFB Number: B-10000223  (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County Government's Bureau of Utilities is looking to procure a combination air valve for wastewater.  This agreement is for one (1) year with four (4) year renewals.
Bid Due Date/Time: 03/05/24, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Scott Mitcherling, 410-887-3888,

Title:  Consulting Services, Development Of Small Area Community Plans
RFP Number: P-10000212  (PDF)   Amendment 1  (PDF)  Amendment 2  (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County seeks a consultant to facilitate the developing of Small Area Plans, as described in the County's draft Master Plan 2030.
Bid Due Date/Time: 03/04/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 02/13/24, 10 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer: Brian Mohney, 410-887-3243,
MBW/WBE Per Task: Goal 25%

Title: Duct Cleaning And Mold Remediation Services
RFB Number:  B-10000209 (PDF)  
Description:  Baltimore County is seeking duct cleaning and mold remediation services at various location in Baltimore County, as needed.
Bid Due Date/Time: 04/03/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  03/18/24,11 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer:  Monica Lee, 410-887-6572,
MBW/WBE: Goal 20%

Title:  Emblems And Chevrons Various Agencies, Term Contract
RFB Number: B-10000217  (PDF)  Emblem Pictures (PDF)
Description:  This solicitation will result in a term contract for chevrons and emblems for multiple County agencies.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/28/24, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Christine Carpenter, 410-887-3361,

Title: Exterior Window Replacement And Glazing Overlea-Fullerton Senor Center
RFB Number:  B-10000214 (PDF)  
Description:  Baltimore County is seeking exterior window replacement and glazing at the Overlea-Fullerton Senior Center.
Bid Due Date/Time: 03/29/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  03/11/24,11 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Mandatory Site Visits:  03/15/24 or 03/20/24, 11 a.m. at Overlea-Fullerton Senior Center.
Buyer:  Monica Lee, 410-887-6572,

Title: Exterior Window Replacement And Glazing Victory Villa Senior Center.
RFB Number:  B-10000221 (PDF)  
Description:  Baltimore County is seeking exterior window replacement and glazing at the Victory Villa Senior Center.
Bid Due Date/Time: 04/17/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  03/27/24,11 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Mandatory Site Visits:  04/02/24 or 04/0424, 2 p.m. at the Victory Villa Senior Center
Buyer:  Monica Lee, 410-887-6572,

Title:  Parts And Accessories, Kubota Equipment
RFB Number: B-10000208  (PDF)  
Description: Baltimore County is seeking bids for parts and accessories for Kubota equipment, on an as-needed basis.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/28/24, 2:30 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Kristi Schley, 410-887-7453,

Title: Professional Auditing Services
RFP Number:  P-10000213 (PDF)  Amendment 1  (PDF)  Cost Report and Adjustments  (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County is soliciting proposals from offerors to perform an annual audit of all financial records, as specified.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/23/24, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  02/09/24,10 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer:  Jason Hartline, 410-887-2495,
MBW/WBE: Goal 15%

Title:  Propane, Liquid & Underground Storage Tanks
RFB Number: B-10000203  (PDF)  
Description:  Liquid propane, labor and materials for tank and piping repairs and installation of underground storage tanks on an as needed basis.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/26/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: 02/12/24,11 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Buyer: Monica Lee, 410-887-6572,

Title:  Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester
RFB Number: B-10000189 (PDF)
Description:  This solicitation is for the Quantifit 2 respirator fit tester and accessories, as specified.
Bid Due Date/Time: 03/08/24, 3:30 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Ivy Rosier, 410-887-3883,

Title:  Small Mowing And Ground Cover Maintenance At Solid Waste management Facilities
RFB Number: B-10000192  (PDF)  PSL Small Mowing Maps (PDF)  Amendment 1 (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County Government is soliciting mowing for small areas at the landfills throughout Baltimore County .  This is a one (1) year contract with an option for four (1) year renewals.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/26/24, 2:15 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Scott Mitcherling, 410-887-3888,

Title: Window Washing Services, Term Contract
RFB Number:  B-10000204 (PDF)  
Description:  Baltimore County is seeking window washing services at the Public Safety Building as per specifications.
Bid Due Date/Time: 03/11/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Proposal Conference:  02/26/24,11 a.m., Contact Buyer for Webex information
Mandatory Site Visits:  02/29/24 or 03/07/24, 10 a.m. at the Public Safety Building
Buyer:  Monica Lee, 410-887-6572,

Grant Opportunities Within Baltimore County

Title: FY24 Tobacco Education Program 
Applications:  Community Grant Application (Word)  Baltimore County Financial Assistance Application (Excel)
Description:  Baltimore County Department of Health Bureau of Community Health Services, is pleased to announce the availability of FY24 Community Tobacco Education Program funding from the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund, Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program.

Up to $7,500 is available to multiple organizations to provide tobacco prevention, education and awareness programs to youth (8-15 years of age) and adults in Baltimore County.

Funding is available for faith-based and youth-focused organizations through the Community Tobacco Education Program. Special consideration will be given to organizations that serve diverse communities, such as LGBTQ+, Black/African American and Hispanic/ Latino.

The proposals selected for funding will be those that best meet the requirements and objectives as outlined in the application. Interested organizations should complete the Community Grant application and Baltimore County Financial Assistance Application. Any questions may be directed to or 410-887-0575

Title:  Developing Villages of Baltimore County
Applications:  BCDA Village RFP (PDF)  Grant Affidavit (PDF)  Baltimore County Certificate of Non-Discrimination (PDF)  Baltimore County Application for Financial Assistance Grant Application Form (PDF)
Description:  Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is pleased to release this Request for Proposal to establish Villages designed to cater to the needs of low-income older adults 60 and older, older immigrants, older adults in rural settings, and/or from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

For questions, contact Eram Abbasi at or 410-887-0577.

Revised February 20, 2024

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