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Reopening Chart

CenterReopen for RegistrationReopen for ProgrammingReopen for Congregate Meals
ArbutusJune 28July 6July 6
AteazeMay 17July 6July 6
BykotaMay 17June 7July 6
CatonsvilleMay 17June 7July 6
CockeysvilleMay 17June 7July 6
EdgemereJuly 6July 12July 12
EssexMay 17June 7July 6
FlemingJuly 12July 19July 19
HerefordJune 22July 6July 6
JacksonvilleJune 21July 6July 6
LansdowneJune 28July 6July 6
LibertyMay 17June 7July 6
OverleaJuly 6July 12July 12
ParkvilleMay 17June 7July 6
PikesvilleMay 17June 7July 6
ReisterstownJune 21July 12July 12
RosedaleJuly 6July 12July 12
Seven OaksMay 17June 7July 6
Victory VillaJuly 6July 12July 12
WoodlawnJuly 6July 12July 12

Registration Information

Individuals wishing to return to the centers for the 2021-2022 year must complete annual registration forms at one Baltimore County senior center only. Caregivers and companions must also register if coming with their care recipient.

For faster service, individuals can complete and print the following forms and bring them to the senior center. The forms are in PDF format and will open in a new window.

Fitness Center and Studio Reopening

All fitness center and studio memberships that were valid on March 17, 2020, have been extended to December 31, 2021. To use the fitness centers/studios at open senior centers, fill out the Fitness Center Medical Clearance and Consent Form (PDF) prior to your first visit.

New Procedures

  • BCDA does not require our members, volunteers and visitors to wear masks while in our senior centers, complete a COVID-19 screening or keep a six-foot distance from others.

  • Proof of vaccination is not a requirement to enter, although we strongly encourage members, volunteers and staff to get vaccinated if they are able.

  • Members must adhere to current CDC, state and County guidelines regarding COVID-19 protocols.

  • Members are not permitted in staff offices or kitchen areas unless required as part of their volunteer position or approved by staff.

  • Members are not permitted to bring in outside food to share with others.

  • Members are required to sanitize their own personal belongings.

Cleaning Practices

To combat the spread of germs and viruses, in addition to their regular cleaning efforts, the custodial staff will be applying a disinfectant mist to high-touch points including door knobs, push plates, light switches, toilet seats, faucets, elevator buttons and hand rails. A light coating of the disinfectant mist will also be sprayed onto non-porous surfaces like chairs, tables and counters and allowed to dry. The approximate drying time is 10 minutes and does not need to be wiped clean. Staff and volunteers will be required to keep their personal work spaces clean and disinfected, and all members are encouraged to wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the building.

Virtual Programs

Virtual programs will continue even when in-person programs resume. Hybrid classes, which combine in-person and virtual learning at the same time, will also be pursued. According to a survey conducted in March, almost 40 percent of senior center members participated in BCDA’s virtual programs during COVID-19, and 41 percent would like to see this form of programming continue, even after senior centers reopen to in-person activities.

Online programs come in handy for caregivers, homebound individuals, those recuperating from medical issues at home, or even for individuals who travel or spend large blocks of time out of state. Contact a senior center for more information or view the monthly newsletter.

Vaccine Information

If you have not received your COVID-19 vaccine yet, but would like to before returning to the senior center, schedule a vaccine appointment or call 3-1-1.

Questions and Feedback

We welcome your questions about the phased opening of our senior centers. Please contact:

Jill P. Hall, Chief, Senior Centers and Community Services Division
Phone: 410-887-3424

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