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Professional Qualifications Certification

The Baltimore County Fire Rescue Academy (FRA) is an Accredited Training Review Agency (ATRA) and is able to process applications for Professional Qualification Certifications. Any career or volunteer member may submit a completed application to the FRA.

How to Apply For Professional Qualification Certification

Submit all applications for pro-qual using the Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board (MFSPQB) Application Form appropriate for your level of certification. All areas noted on the MFSPQB application that require a prerequisite must have a copy of the applicable certification or course completion documentation attached. Failure to do so will result in "no action" and a return of the application for compliance.

The application shall be directed to FRA either in person or via mail marked "Attention ProQual". The representative shall review the application for completeness and ensure that all required documentation is provided. The FRA cannot guarantee certification based on submitted applications.

Obtaining Copies of Training Completion Verification

National certifications have been issued with each Baltimore County certification since 2003. An individual may obtain a copy of their current National Certifications by linking to the ProBoard Registry. This can be printed and attached to an application to validate any prerequisite certifications.

Course completion verification can be obtained by completing the online MFRI Unofficial Transcript Request Form. Any FRA program that is in the MFRI curriculum should appear on the transcript.

Other Ways to Become Certified

Option 2 on the MFSPQB Application may allow applicants to substitute other similar training. More information is available on the Program Breakdown and Correlation page.

Revised May 19, 2016         


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