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Leadership Team

Together, the people of Baltimore County have built some of the most vibrant and prosperous communities in all of America. Baltimore County believes it is essential that the hard work and commitment of its citizens is matched by their public servants.

Fortunately, the people of our communities have outstanding partners in their Leadership Team. This diverse, talented and experienced group of public servants are doing a remarkable job in giving the people of our communities the support and assistance they need to move our County forward into a brighter future for all its residents.


Portrait of Stacy Rodgers

Stacy L. Rodgers
County Administrative Officer

Portrait of Andrew Vetter

Andrew G. Vetter
Deputy Administrative Officer

Portrait of Patrick Murray

Patrick H. Murray
Chief of Staff

Portrait of Laura Riley

Laura D. Riley, Director
Department of Aging

Photo of Edward Blades

Edward P. Blades, Director
Office of Budget and Finance

Portrait of Gail Watts

Gail M. Watts, Director
Department of Corrections

Portrait of Joanne Rund

Joanne Rund, Chief
Fire Department

Portrait of Gregory Branch

Gregory Wm. Branch M.D., MBA, CPE, Director and Health Officer
Department of Health
Department of Social Services

Portrait of Rhoda Benjamin

Rhoda Benjamin, Director
Office of Human Resources

Portrait of Robert O'Connor

Robert W. O'Connor, Director
Office of Information Technology

James Benjamin's portrait.

James R. Benjamin Jr.
Office of Law

Portrait of Pete Gutwald

Pete Gutwald, Director
Department of Planning

Portrait of Melissa Hyatt

Melissa Hyatt, Chief
Police Department

Portrait of Steven Walsh

Steven A. Walsh, P.E., Director
Department of Public Works

Portrait of Barry Williams

Barry F. Williams, Director
Department of Recreation and Parks

Revised January 3, 2020         



County Executive,
John Olszewski, Jr.
Phone: 410-887-2450

Contact the County Executive.

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