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Department of Social Services
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Paperwork to Bring

We must be able to confirm that you qualify for help. As many of our programs have their own eligibility criteria and, thus, their own paperwork requirements, we suggest that you contact us (410-853-3000) prior to visiting. Here is a list of the documentation several of our programs do require that you provide up front. 

  • Social Security Numbers (either a Social Security card or a printout from the Social Security Office)
  • Birth Certificates (for all members of the household)
  • Proof of Citizenship (such as birth certificate, U.S. passport, Alien Registration receipt, INS Form 1-94, or Form 551)
  • Life Insurance Policies (if any) on all members of the household
  • Proof of Marital Status (such as marriage license, divorce or separation papers)
  • Proof of Where You Live (such as a recent rental lease, rental receipt or room and board receipt. If you own your home, bring records such as a deed or mortgage payment records.)
  • Proof of Income

A. Earned Income: Eight consecutive paycheck stubs or statements on company letterhead. These must include the name of the employer, employee's Social Security number, employee's name, date of period worked (month, day and year), gross pay amount, and the number of hours worked.

B. Unearned Income : Award letters for such income as Social Security, Veterans benefits, Railroad retirement, civil service benefits, Workers Compensation. Unearned income also includes pensions of any kind, plus child support and other kinds of support payments.

  • Proof of Resources (anything you own that has cash value, such as houses, land, cash, checking and savings accounts, stocks and bonds, credit unions, burial agreements, safety deposit boxes, cars and trucks, boats, house trailers, farm animals and equipment).
  • Proof of Living Expenses (such as gas, electric, water, rent or mortgage, taxes, food, and telephone).
  • Students must bring proof of all loans,grants scholarships. Also bring proof of any expenses connected with school such as tuition, books, fees, etc.
  • Proof of Child Care Costs (such as name and address of child care center, number of payments and how often they are made. If you use a babysitter, bring the same information along with the signature of the babysitter.
  • Proof of Health Insurance (bring a statement that includes the company name, address, telephone number, membership number, cost of payments and how often they are made.)
  • Proof of Medical Bills You Owe . Bring them no matter how old as long as the "statement date" on a bill is no older than three months before you applied for help at Department of Social Services.
  • Proof of Medical Bills You Have Paid (such as bills from doctors, prescriptions, and hospitals) up to three months before you applied for help at Department of Social Services.

Revised January 12, 2011

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