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Pay Schedules

Pay Schedule I (PDF)
Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees

Pay Schedule I-C (PDF)
Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees - Correctional Officers

Pay Schedule I-E (PDF)
Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees - Emergency Communications Technicians

Pay Schedule II (PDF)
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Pay Schedule III (PDF)
Baltimore County Federation of Public Health Nurses

Pay Schedule IV (PDF)
Fraternal Order of Police-Lodge #4

Pay Schedule V (PDF)
Baltimore County Firefighters Association

Pay Schedule VI (PDF)
Supervisory, Management, Confidential and Unrepresented Employees

Pay Schedule VII (PDF)
Supervisory, Management and Confidential Employees-Police Department

Pay Schedule VIII (PDF)
Supervisory, Management and Confidential Employees-Fire Department

Pay Schedule X (PDF)
Baltimore County Fire Department - Supplementary Salaries

Pay Schedule XI (PDF)
Physicians and Dentists

Pay Schedule XII (PDF)
Supervisory, Management and Confidential Employees

Pay Schedule XIII (PDF)
Fraternal Order of Police-Lodge Number 25-Sheriff's Office

Revised July 1, 2015

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