Environmental Protection and Sustainability
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Forests and Trees

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Forests and trees provide many critical environmental benefits for communities and wildlife. Forests reduce flooding and soil erosion during storms, which stabilizes watersheds that provide clean water to streams and reservoirs. They provide opportunities for nature-based recreation and education about the needs and habits of birds and other wildlife. Forest and urban trees remove and store atmospheric carbon, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and to cool the environment. They provide forestry employment, timber and other forest products. Urban trees also shade and cool buildings, lessen the heat reflection from paved areas, and enhance the quality of life in urban areas with aesthetic natural beauty.

Priority Forest Management Goals:

  • Conversion - Reduce the rate of forest loss ('keep forest as forest')
  • Reforestation - Strategically re-forest stream buffers, areas adjacent to existing forests, and urban areas
  • Forest Health - Restore and maintain forest and tree health
  • Stewardship - Provide stewardship education for private citizens who collectively own 75 percent of total forest cover.

Protecting Forests and Trees During Land Development

Find information about forest buffer, forest conservation, and Chesapeake Bay Critical Area regulations that protect forests and trees during land development.

News You Can Use

Visit News You Can Use for the latest announcements and opportunities for forestry and related topics, including:

  • Central Maryland Forest Landowner Workshop and Walking Tour
  • Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program
  • Wood Exempt from State Sales Tax
  • Welcome to Your Woods
  • Tree Canopy Goal Announced
  • Updated Community Planting Guidelines

Forest Sustainability Program

This program is all about working for healthy forests, woods, trees, and conservation landscapes for today and tomorrow. Find information about:

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