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Request to Move Human Remains

Authorization is needed to be in compliance with Maryland law when performing a disinterment.

Disinterment Publication Requirements

In accordance with the Criminal Law Article, Section 10-402, Annotated Code of Maryland, the following must be complied with prior to authorization for the State’s Attorney to disinter and reinter remains:

  1. Publish Notice in Newspaper

    Person requesting authorization must publish notice of the proposed relocation in a newspaper in the County where the present burial site is located. Cost of notice to be at the expense of the persons requesting an authorization, i.e. family, organization, etc. 

    • Statement that authorization to disinter is being requested from the State’s Attorney
    • Purpose for which the authorization is being requested (why disinterring)
    • Location of the proposed burial site to include specific lot number or parcel number, if available. If burial site is unmarked/undocumented, the person requesting authorization must designate the location and boundaries of site (from which remains to be removed).
    • Name of deceased
  2. Send a Copy of the Notice to the State's Attorney Office 
    Send a copy of the notice to the State's Attorney Office.
  3. State's Attorney Office Will Authorize Disinterment
    State's Attorney Office will authorize disinterment no earlier than 15 days after publication. Notwithstanding, Criminal Law Article, §10-402 may not be construed to delay, prohibit or otherwise limit State’s Attorney authorization for removal.

Disinterment, Transfer and Reinterment Authorization Forms

To obtain authorization to move human remains from one cemetery in Baltimore County to another, complete the forms below and mail them to Room 511. 


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