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Dual Use School-Recreation Center     

In 1952, Baltimore County pioneered the concept of the dual use school-recreation center. For close to 60 years this approach has proven to be both effective and economical in providing the citizens of Baltimore County with an exemplary system of facilities for both education and recreation. The Department of Recreation and Parks contributes to the acquisition and development of school-recreation center sites and shares in the maintenance and repair of the facilities. Through this cooperative effort, the citizens of Baltimore County benefit by minimizing the tax contribution and maximizing the service delivery system.

Image of signing of Joint Use Agreement, June 2003.

As a result of this concept, school-recreation centers feature many additional amenities, which could not otherwise be funded such as recreation offices, activity rooms, full-size gyms, additional athletic fields, tennis and multipurpose courts, storage areas, concession stands and comfort stations. Further, each neighborhood has an easily accessible community center and focal point for activities. The school-recreation center concept is formally adopted through a "Joint Use Agreement" between the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, Baltimore County Public Schools, the Baltimore County Board of Education, and the Baltimore County Board of Recreation and Parks. The Joint Use Agreement (PDF) was last renewed during a ceremonial signing in June of 2003. 


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