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Facility Rules of Behavior


It is required that all Baltimore County league officials, coordinators, coaches, assistant coaches, members, volunteers and parents (including family members and spectators) maintain high standards of personal conduct and integrity when participating in all events and activities at permitted recreation and school facilities in Baltimore County, and to adhere to the Facility Rules of Behavior.

Basic Principles

Formal disciplinary and adverse actions should be consistent with all other such actions taken by Baltimore County Representatives for similar infractions. It is essential that prompt and corrective action be taken to promote efficiency, integrity and consistency in everyone following Baltimore County Recreation and Parks Facility Rules of Behavior. Suspensions are set for a minimum length and are immediate. Actual suspension may be higher based upon the situation and facts gathered.

Purpose: To provide a safe and healthy environment for youth and adults to recreate.

Behavior Consequences

Per County Code Section 30-1-202(d), Article 30, Title 1, only the Director has authority to permanently ban an individual.

An individual may appeal a suspension by notice in writing to the Director within 15 days after receipt of suspension.

Level I Offense

The following actions will result in a one month suspension:

  • Use of profane, obscene, inappropriate, or unacceptable language, remarks, or offensive gestures (written or spoken).
  • Arguing with spectators or staff.
  • Causing a disturbance.

Level II Offense

The following actions will result in a three month suspension:

  • Direct or implied threats or innuendos.
  • Inappropriate or threatening gestures.
  • Abusive ongoing behavior.
  • Repeated Level I infractions.
  • Possession of alcohol beverages or illegal drugs in or on county or permitted facilities.

Level III Offense

The following actions will result in a minimum one year suspension:

  • Physically striking a person; issuing a verbal or written threat to one’s life.
  • Willful or malicious destruction of recreation or school facility property.
  • Repeated Level II infractions.
Revised October 19, 2016         


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