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Milford Mill or Villa Nova Park


  • Natural Rare Wild Bird Habitat
  • Nature Trails


Milford Mill, also known as Villa Nova, is a small park found just inside the Baltimore Beltway, west of the City of Baltimore. The park features a level one, one-mile loop trail that goes through forested habitat, following a stream for the first half-mile. 


The park is best known as a migrant trap, and is at its best during spring and fall migration. Visitors can see over 150 species of birds Milford Mill, including Hooded, Cape May, and Blackburnian Warblers, as well as thrushes, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and other birds of forest and edge habitats.

The Baltimore Bird Club is the founding chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society, and remains an important hub of birding activity in the state. The club offers monthly meetings with informative presentations and a full schedule of field trips and bird walks, all free and open to the public.


There is a small parking area at the trailhead. If it is full, parking is available on a nearby street.

Park Details

Milford Mill or Villa Nova Park