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Meadowood Regional Park


  • Athletic Fields
  • Paved Walking Paths
  • Pavilions
  • Picnic Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreation And Parks Office
  • Restrooms


Meadowood Regional Park serves as a green gateway to scenic Greenspring Valley. The park provides a balanced mix of recreation and nature, featuring a variety of recreational facilities as well as areas specifically designated for environmental preservation.

Meadowood Regional Park provides a variety of outdoor recreational facilities:

  • Seven athletic fields (Six grass, one artificial turf and five lighted)
  • Three picnic pavilions
  • Playground
  • A .8-mile paved walking path, with upper and lower sections measuring .4 miles each.

Visitors entering Meadowood Park from its parking lot off of Falls Road will cross a footbridge spanning a tranquil woodline stream. A lovely view of the Deep Run stream may be enjoyed from the bridge. Both Deep Run and a lengthy stretch of the Jones Falls (a County-designated environmental greenway), traverse the park property, meandering close to Meadowood's east, south and west boundaries.

Designated forest buffer areas have been established adjacent to the streams to help protect their water quality and to provide valuable wildlife habitat. Forest buffers such as those established at the park are an important part of Baltimore County's environmental initiatives, which are overseen by the County's Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management. The woodlands at Meadowood Regional Park also provide a visual "break" from the nearby developed landscape and preserve a "green space" that serves as a gateway to the scenic, predominantly rural Greenspring Valley.


Contact Meadowood Regional Park for information regarding upcoming events, pavilion reservations, recreation council programs, recreation council league schedules, weather cancellations and other information about the park.


Meadowood Regional Park's three pavilions are available for reservation by contacting the Northeast Regional Recreation Facility. We begin taking reservations March 1 for the current calendar year but do not require reservations after the second weekend of October. Please call 410-887-5374 to inquire about the most up-to-date pavilion availability or email

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