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Ballestone-Stansbury House


  • Historic Site


The house currently known as "Ballestone Manor" was erroneously named in the 1970s due to an incorrect title search. Ballestone Manor is actually a half-mile away at Balliston Point, and the ground is in fact "Stansburys Claim" or "Dickinson." The structure is actually the Stansbury House or the Cedar Point Mansion. Built between 1798 and 1813, it is currently a museum and is an excellent example of the Federal architectural style.

The Heritage Society of Essex and the Essex-Middle River Bicentennial Committee desired to preserve the house and in 1969 Baltimore County purchased the property for park development. Restoration started in 1974 and by the summer of 1976 it was ready to welcome visitors.

Some events coordinated for the manor by the Back River Neck Recreation and Parks Council's board of volunteers include:

  • Spring and summer exhibits
  • Civil War reenactments
  • Sunday tours
  • Holiday Holly Tour

The house also has several displays of Early American Art covering a period of 1780 to 1880. 

Programs and Events

Learn more about programs and events happening at the Ballestone-Stansbury House, offered by the Nature, Environment and Agriculture Center.

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