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Water Issues

Baltimore City is responsible for the water service in Baltimore County, including water billing, maintenance and repairs of the water system. For some issues, the County assists the City with repairs.

Call Baltimore City for:

  • Leaks or water main breaks—Call 410-396-5352. You can use Baltimore City's interactive map to view where breaks have occurred and the status of repairs.
  • Water billing or rates
  • No water or water quality (low pressure, color, taste, etc.)—Call 443-263-2220.
  • Meter issues (leaking, damaged, sinking, missing lids, etc.)—Call 410-396-3100.
  • Water leaking from fire hydrants (or flushing)—Call 443-263-2220.

Call Baltimore County for:

  • Water main breaks causing damage to roads or property—Call 410-887-7415. 
  • Relining projects (if above ground water pipe connections are leaking or damaged)—Call 410-887-3531.

Basement Water Seepage

Basement water seepage problems are private property issues that can cause a homeowner much time, money and frustration. View our fact sheet (PDF) for information on possible causes and solutions you can use.

Water Saving Tips

Do you know how much water you use every day? You'd be surprised! Before you can start saving water, you have to know how much you're using doing common, everyday activities. Each of us uses 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. Learn how to understand water usage and water saving tips. In addition, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) provides water conservation tips for homeowners as well as businesses.

Fire Hydrant Use

The use of fire hydrants is restricted to those who have obtained permits only. Special water meters are issued to commercial users. See the Bureau of Utilities Fire Hydrant Permit Program page for details. You may also download a sample of the Fire Hydrant Connection Permit (PDF) form.

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