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Water Advisory

On September 28, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works issued a water advisory for a portion of the region’s water system, including parts of Baltimore County. More information is available from the Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

Baltimore City is responsible for the water service in Baltimore County. There are a number of different issues related to the water service that are handled by Baltimore City, and some that are handled by Baltimore County.

Water Issue

Contact Information

Billing/rates/changes to your account

Baltimore City
Phone: 410-396-5398
Online: Look up or pay your water bill.

MeterBaltimore City 
Phone: 410-396-3100
No water, water leaking from fire hydrants, issues with water quality (low pressure, color, taste, etc.)Baltimore City
Phone: 443-263-2220
Relining projects, basement flooding due to water or sewage backupsBaltimore County
Phone: 410-887-7415
After-Hours Emergencies: 410-887-5210
Main Breaks

Baltimore County
Call 443-263-2220 to report.

Baltimore City
View locations and status of repairs using the interactive map.

Fire Hydrant Use

The use of fire hydrants is restricted to those who have obtained permits only. Special water meters are issued to commercial users. 

Additional Information

  • Basement water seepage— problems are private property issues that can cause a homeowner much time, money and frustration. View our fact sheet for information on possible causes and solutions you can use.
  • Discolored water—All water mains installed prior to 1957 are unlined cast iron pipe. Through the years, corrosion has accumulated within the pipe which breaks loose from time to time during heavy water usage conditions. If discoloration occurs at the house the homeowner should run the water for approximately one hour to clear the line between the meter and the house. If this is unsuccessful, Baltimore City will come to the area and flush the discolored water from the public mains under the street.
  • Private wells—Contact the Bureau of Groundwater Management by calling 410-887-2762.
  • Water Saving Tips—Learn more about understanding water usage and conservation tips for homeowners and businesses.

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