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Construction and Repair Division

Bureau of Utilities
Construction and Repair Division
4421 Bucks Schoolhouse Road, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21237
Phone: 410-887-1836

TTY Users call Maryland Relay at 1-800-735-2258

Sewer, Water and Storm Drain

This division provides the labor and materials required to repair sewer pipelines, all portions of the storm drain system which are below ground and support Baltimore City water main repairs. Some of its specific responsibilities are:

  • Repairing sanitary sewer and storm drain manhole covers
  • Repairing broken sewer lines and force (pressure) mains
  • Protecting existing pipelines exposed by storm-related flooding
  • Rebuilding broken storm drain inlet boxes
  • Repairing broken and defective storm drain lines
  • Maintaining several frost-proof hydrants which are used to provide potable (drinkable) water to residents whose wells are contaminated or unusable
  • Installing and maintaining steel road plates
  • Cleaning and restoring areas disturbed by water main repairs
  • Snow removal on specified snow routes

If this is a true sewer emergency please call our Emergency Sewer Service line at 410-887-7415.

Revised December 5, 2016         


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