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Traffic Signals

The Traffic Signal shop maintains 250 signalized intersections in a 600-square-mile area surrounding, but not including Baltimore City. Baltimore County has 11 arterial signal systems coordinating 100 intersections. The signal systems are equipped with telephone interconnects and modems. The interconnects allow maintenance staff to graphically view the operation of each intersection to determine if it is operating properly. Examples of arterial systems are York Road, Joppa Road and Merritt Boulevard. The remainder of the signals operate independently.


  • Constructs new signals and modify existing signals when functional changes are required.
  • Repairs signal equipment damaged by accidents, construction and natural disasters.
  • Programs, tests and repairs traffic signal control electronic equipment.
  • Maintains all traffic signals, flashers and signal systems along the County highway system and some of those on the State highway system in Baltimore County.
  • Installs and monitors signal and system timing.
  • Maintains level-of-service (LOS) rating for signalized intersections.
  • Maintains signal timing and maintenance records and inquiries regarding accidents and incidents.

Report a Problem

Traffic signs and signals are maintained by either Baltimore County or the State Highway Administration. For immediate safety issues, call 911. They will contact the appropriate agency for emergency response. For general concerns, use our Contact Us form.

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