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Recycling and Waste Prevention Resources

Listed below are just a few additional resources outside of Baltimore County that can provide you with ways to recycle more and waste less.

Maryland Recycles

Discover which materials are recyclable, find companies that will pick up recyclable material and learn how to reduce your waste management costs at

Maryland Department of the Environment

The Maryland Department of the Environment protects and restores the quality of Maryland's air, water and land resources, while fostering smart growth, economic development, healthy and safe communities and quality environmental education for the benefit of the environment, public health and future generations.

Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

Plans and develops waste management systems that meet the highest environmental standards while providing the most efficient and reliable waste disposal services possible. An underlying goal, inherent in all projects, is to minimize waste disposal costs.

Stop Junk Mail

If you prefer not to have your name and address exchanged for marketing purposes, or are tired of unwanted mail, there are several steps you can take to get off mailing lists.

Solid Waste Association of North America

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), has been the leading professional association in the solid waste field for over 40 years. SWANA's core functions are to educate, innovate and communicate.  


Find ways to use less stuff by conserving resources and reducing waste.

College and University Recycling Council

Environmental program leaders at institutions of higher education can find detailed information on technical assistance, education and training, networking opportunities and support.

Builders Guide to Reuse and Recycling

A guide for builders in the Baltimore and Washington areas to find out how and where to recover construction and demolition materials.

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