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Recycling Saves Energy

Mini-Poster Collection

County residents can help save energy by recycling and we have created a series of mini-posters to show you how. Download these free posters, print as many as you like or email them to your friends, relatives or teachers.

The following documents are in PDF format and all open into new windows.

  • The Rewards of Recycling Can Take You Places
    A recycled six-pack of aluminum cans could save enough energy to drive a car five miles.
  • What a Waste
    The energy equivalent of 16.3 barrels of oil is used when one ton of plastic bottles is produced.
  • Plug In To Steel Recycling
    Steel recycling saves enough energy to electrically power the equivalent of 18 million homes for a year. 
  • Surf The Web On Recycled Cans
    Recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a computer for three hours.
  • The Paper Mill
    Americans waste 500,000 trees every Sunday by throwing away their newspapers instead of recycling them.
  • Did You Know?
    Twenty cans can be produced from recycled aluminum with the same amount of energy it takes to manufacture a single can from raw materials.
  • Steel Recycling: A Bright Idea!
    The energy saved from recycling one pound of steel could power an incandescent 60-watt light bulb for over a day or an energy-saving 60-watt equivalent compact fluorescent lamp for over four days.
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