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Electronics Recycling

Baltimore County asks residents with unwanted household electronics to first contact electronics manufacturers or retailers to inquire about an electronics take-back or recycling program. Some electronics manufacturers and retailers may have convenient programs for recycling electronics that are free or low-cost. The Maryland Department of the Environment has published information about electronics recycling on its website, including a list of registered electronics manufacturers.

Another option for residents is to donate unwanted electronics to a charity or reuse organization. Residents are urged to contact the organization first to ensure that the material they plan to donate will be accepted. For contact information regarding charities and reuse organizations that accept electronics and other items, residents may consult the Baltimore County Reuse Directory (PDF).

Baltimore County residents may also drop off the following household electronics for recycling at all three County drop-off facilities:

  • Audio equipment
  • Cables, cords and communication wires
  • Central Processing Units (CPUs), laptops and servers
  • Computer accessories and peripherals (including mice, keyboards, power supplies, scanners and printers)
  • Computer parts (including circuit boards, chips, cards and hard drives)
  • Music playing devices
  • “Smart watches” and fitness trackers
  • Tablets and e-readers

Recycling televisions and monitors has become increasingly difficult. These items will now be accepted at County drop-off facilities for disposal rather than recycling. Alternatively, there are several manufacturer take-back locations that specifically accept televisions and monitors for recycling.

These drop-off facilities are for household electronics only. No business or institutional materials will be accepted.

Revised July 23, 2018         
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