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Water Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My water is discolored. Why is this happening and who should I call?

A. All water mains installed prior to 1957 are unlined cast iron pipe. Through the years corrosion has accumulated within the pipe which breaks loose from time to time during heavy water usage conditions. If discoloration occurs at the house the homeowner should run the water for approximately one hour to clear the line between the meter and the house. If this is unsuccessful, call the Water Maintenance Division in Baltimore City at 443-263-2220. They will come to the area and flush the discolored water from the public mains under the street.

Q. Who should I call about my water bill or water service?

A. Baltimore City handles the water billing system, even if you live in Baltimore County. Call the Water Billing Section in Baltimore City at 410-396-5398.

Q. Who should I call to report a broken water main?

A. Call the Bureau of Utilities at 410-887-7415 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Q. Water is leaking into the road. Who should I call?

A. Call the Bureau of Utilities at 410-887-7415. The County will confirm the leak is from the water system and notify the City for repairs. If icing occurs, the Bureau of Highways will be contacted to salt the road.

Q. How do I find out if public water is available to my property? How can I get connected?

A. To find out about water availability, call Metropolitan District Financing and Petitions at 410-887-2423. There are several ways to get public water:

Q. My basement floods from water or sewage backing up, who can help?

A. Maintenance of the underground utilities owned by Baltimore County is provided by the Bureau of Utilities. To contact them between 6:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. call 410-887-7415. To contact them between 4 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. call 410-887-5210.

Q. How can I have the water service account put in our name at our new home?

A. Call Baltimore City at 410-396-5398.

Q. Who do I call to use a fire hydrant?

A. To use a fire hydrant to fill swimming pools, irrigate landscaping, or wash down construction sites, you must obtain a permit (PDF). There is a standard procedure to maintain the permit and a fee is charged by the County. For more information, you may call the Bureau of Utilities at 410-887-1885.

Q. Who do I contact about issues with my well?

A. For issues relating to private wells, information can be found through the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Bureau of Groundwater Management or by calling 410-887-2762.

Revised April 15, 2020         


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