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Roads Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My road needs to be repaved, who should I contact?
A. Roadway maintenance is provided by the Bureau of Highways. To contact them you can send an email to or call 410-887-3560.

Q. How do I get an Overload Permit to cross County-owned bridges with weight restrictions?
A. Write to:

Mr. Thomas Kiefer, P.E., Chief
Bureau of Engineering and Construction
111 West Chesapeake Avenue Room 219
Towson, Maryland 21204

Include the address, the number of axles, and gross axle loads, and the distance between axles. Permits may be issued to the owner of the truck only and may or may not be granted, depending on axle loads, spacing, etc. You can also visit our Web page to see an example of an Overload Permit, or call 410-887-3764 with any questions. Permits may take two weeks, so allow plenty of time.

Q. How do I find out the status of bridge projects before construction starts?
A. Call the Structural Design and Approval Section of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction at 410-887-3737. After construction starts, call Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3531.

Q. Is my road going to be widened or resurfaced?
A. The Highway Design Section of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction, at 410-887-3739, provides information involving any proposed road widening. To get information involving resurfacing of existing roadways, send an email to or call the Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560.

Q. Are there any proposed roads to be constructed in my area?
A. Call Highway Design at 410-887-3739. Numerous road improvement projects are associated with development projects. Please call Developers Engineering at 410-887-3751 for these projects.

Q. When will a project be completed?
A. Call Highway Design at 410-887-3739. They can provide estimated construction dates. After a project is under construction, call Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3531 to find out the construction schedule.

Q. How can I get sidewalks, curb or gutters installed?
A. Call Highway Design at 410-887-3739 to get the information you need.

Q. How can I get my alley repaired?
A. Property owners must submit a valid petition for reconstruction. Petition forms can be obtained by calling Highway Design at 410-887-3739. For reconstruction of existing concrete alleys, 51 percent of abutting property owners must sign agreeing to the petition. For dirt or macadam alleys, 100 percent of property owners must sign agreeing to the petition.

Q. How much will it cost and what type of financing is available?
A. Alleys repairs currently cost $750 to each property owner abutting the alley. This can be applied to the property tax bill over a period of 15 years interest free, or paid in full at any time. If you wish to pay off your existing balance, call the Office of Finance at 410-887-4100.

Q. How can I get the County to take over my private road?
A. Property owners must submit a petition to the County requesting take-over. You can call Highway Design at 410-887-3739 for help. Someone from that office can make a field inspection and prepare a report informing property owners what they must do to bring the road up to County standards before the County would consider accepting the road. All improvements are at the property owner's expense.

Q. I am interested in starting a petition to have my road improved, who should I call?
A. Call the Highway Design Section of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction at 410-887-3739.

Q. My street needs sweeping. Whom should I contact?
A. Street Sweeping is performed on main thoroughfares, business districts and industrial areas on a regular basis throughout the year. Residential neighborhoods are swept once a year, by request only. You may send an email to or call 410-887-3560 to report the situation.

Revised January 14, 2019         


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