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Project Submittal Procedures and Requirements

The County only considers prequalified firms for professional engineering, architecture and landscape architecture services. The County prequalifies firms annually. For more information, see Professional Services Prequalification.

A firm (prime, sub-consultant or joint venture) that is not prequalified may submit prequalification forms up to, and including, the deadline for submittal for a specific project. However, firms must submit prequalification forms separately from project submittals. Firms that submit prequalification forms with a project submittal run the risk of being eliminated from the project due to an incorrect prequalification submittal. We strongly suggest early prequalification.

Submittal Requirements

Prequalified firms that wish to be considered for selection must submit a separate Standard form SF255 (PDF) (Architect-Engineer Qualifications) in response to each project, as advertised. Where the word "Federal" or "Government" is used on the form, it shall be construed to mean "County".

Important Notice: Original signatures are required on the SF255 (PDF).


Sub-consultants specializing in engineering, architecture and landscape architecture must prequalify. Sub-consultants who do not specialize in those disciplines do not need to and cannot prequalify. All sub-consultants specialties must be clearly stated in the SF255 (PDF) form, block six.

Projects of sub-consultants are not to be included in Item eight unless otherwise noted.

Joint Ventures

All firms within a joint venture must be prequalified.

In an effort to keep our consultants and employees safe, and minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Bureau will receive responses to current solicitations via email to Lauren Buckler at by the time and date identified in the advertisement. The required two hard copies should follow by mail within a week of the deadline. No exceptions will be made.

Important Notice: Late submittals will be considered nonresponsive and will not be evaluated or considered.

Criteria for Evaluation and Selection

An evaluation report is generated by County Staff. The report includes a description of each consultant's experience in various categories associated with the type of work solicited and a tabulation (matrix) of qualifications.

Another table, examining prior work fees, is generated to list those firms and fees awarded in new agreements or addenda by County Council in the previous year from the date the expressions of interest were due. The amount of prior work can be a factor in the selection.

The Professional Services Selection Committee (PSSC) members review this report and at the next PSSC meeting, use the qualification matrix along with the prior work table to select the number one firm (for design projects) or multiple firms (for on-call projects). Alternate firm(s) are selected in case an agreement cannot be negotiated with the first choice(s).


All firms submitting are then notified of the selections. The Chief of Design will then proceed along with the project manager to negotiate a fee for the project, which will be sent to County Council and become prior work. The entire process from advertisement to start of design is approximately eight months to a year depending upon workload.

De-briefings may be scheduled by special appointment, as time permits, by calling the Chief of Design at 410-887-3788.

Revised September 21, 2021         


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