Since June 2022, Baltimore County and its vendor Bamiria, Inc. has reclaimed nearly 2,000 bikes, weighing approximately 40,000 pounds. Bamiria works with local bicycle reuse organizations to distribute bikes to those in need. They also distribute surplus bikes to communities in Mali where bikes are a principle form of transportation. The County accepts bicycles at all three Residential Drop Off Centers, or RDOCs.

Local re-use organizations are quickly overwhelmed by this volume of bikes, but Mali has more than enough use for them. Much of the Malian economy and lifestyle involves moving people and material by bicycle rather than combustion engines.

In addition to the bicycle re-use program, Bamiria and its founder Evan Mickels aka “The Junkyard Dog” connects local residents and Malian people with other donated goods from other outlets. He manages a ‘Bike Doctor’ program which periodically teaches local students to fix their own bikes. He has also has been responsible for construction and rehabilitation of schools and orphanages, and he has even connected Malian students with refurbished laptops and tablets.

The County is looking at reuse opportunities for a variety of additional materials.

Do you have some old bicycles in the shed or garage that could be given new life? Bring them down to the RDOC closest to you and they will find their way into the hands of people who will use them for years to come. Volunteers and other interested people may visit the website to find out more.