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Red Light Camera Program

Baltimore County's "Red Light Camera" program provides electronic enforcement at various red light locations. The red light cameras are a tool to help police officers enforce laws requiring motorists to stop at red lights.

The use of red light cameras is authorized in Maryland by the Maryland General Assembly under Transportation Article 21-202.1.


Red light cameras are in place at the following Baltimore County locations:

  • Goucher Boulevard (northbound) at Putty Hill Avenue
  • Goucher Boulevard (southbound) at Putty Hill Avenue
  • Liberty Road (eastbound) at Washington Avenue
  • Baltimore National Pike (westbound) at Ingleside Avenue
  • Dulaney Valley Road (northbound) at Seminary Avenue
  • Rossville Boulevard (eastbound) at Yellow Brick Road
  • Wise Avenue at Church Road (eastbound)
  • Bosley Avenue (southbound) at Allegheny Avenue
  • Security Boulevard (eastbound) at Whitehead Court
  • York Road (northbound) at Scott Adam Road

Hours of Operation

Red light cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Warnings and Citations

Warnings will be issued for 30 days following installation of new red light cameras. After the warning period, violators will receive citations that carry a $75 fine. A judge has the authority to increase the fine to $100 and to impose court costs.

No license points are assigned because these are civil violations. Vehicle insurance providers are not notified of speed camera citations. You may pay online, in person or by mail; the options are included on the violation notice.

Vehicle owners may contest red light camera citations in Maryland District Court. Details about how to appeal are included on each violation notice. If you wish to contest a citation because you were not driving the vehicle when the violation occurred, you must provide a signed affidavit stating that you were not operating the vehicle at the time of the violation and provide the name, address and, if possible, the driver's license identification number of the person who was driving. This must be done within 30 days of the mail date of the citation.

If you contest your ticket in court, you will be presented with photographs and video of the violation. You will have the opportunity to present to the court any information that challenges or mitigates the violation, just as you would for a ticket issued by a police officer. After reviewing all of the evidence, the court will make a decision.

Failure to respond to the ticket can result in additional fees and penalties.

Revised February 21, 2020         


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