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File a Police Report Online

If this is an emergency, crime in progress or immediate need for medical assistance, call 9-1-1.

Warning: It is a crime to make false statements or misuse electronic communication. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Online reporting is designed to make filing a police report easier and more convenient for you; however, not every crime can be reported online. In most cases, you may report lost property, abandoned vehicles, hit and runs, destruction of property and theft online.

If you need to file one of the following reports, select your report type to answer a few preliminary questions to determine if filing online is right for you.

Lost Property

Lost property is missing or lost and is not believed to be a theft. A few examples include leaving your purse or coat in a restaurant.

Find out if your report qualifies to file online.

Abandoned Motor Vehicle

An abandoned vehicle is defined as a vehicle parked on a public roadway or private property that is visibly inoperable or; is not displaying current, valid registration or; is illegally parked for more than 48 hrs.

Find out if your report qualifies to file online.

Hit and Run

A hit and run is when a vehicle has been struck and damaged by another vehicle. For example, if your car is parked, unoccupied and is struck by another vehicle and no suspect vehicle information or evidence is available and no paint was transferred.

Find out if your report qualifies to file online.

Destruction of Property

Destruction of property involves the act of damaging or defacing public or private property. A few examples include knocking over mailboxes, throwing rocks through windows, scratching or keying a vehicle, etc.

Find out if your report qualifies to file online.


Theft is when your property is taken without your permission. For example, if your coat was stolen from your chair while you were in the restroom, or property was taken from the inside of a vehicle.

Find out if your report qualifies to file online.

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