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Public School Emergency Procedures

Baltimore County Public Schools have several different emergency procedures that may be implemented in the event of an emergency situation. The most frequently used procedures (PDF) are "lockout" and "lockdown."


A lockout is less serious than a lockdown. A Lockout is used during a community emergency that takes place outside of the school building. It is intended to secure access to the building.

  • The school facility is secured by locking all doors from the inside.
  • All exterior doors are monitored to ensure no one enters or exits the building without permission.
  • Staff is posted near the front entrance of the building to allow exit and entrance with identification.
  • Outdoor activities are suspended while on a lockout.
  • All classes and activities within the building are conducted normally.


A lockdown is for use to protect people in the building from potential dangers either inside or outside the building.

  • Students are immediately cleared from the hallways and asked to report to the nearest available classroom.
  • Staff will assist those who require special assistance making their way into a classroom.
  • All doors and windows are locked and no one leaves.
  • Students are asked to sit on the floor away from windows and doors.
  • Students and staff remain quietly in the classrooms until they receive official instructions.
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