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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

Precinct 2—Woodlawn

Precinct News

View the latest news on crime in your area below, or read the local blotter for the Woodlawn Precinct.


Get Involved

Police Community Relations Councils (PCRC) provide an open forum where citizens, community leaders and representatives of the local business community may bring attention to problems within their neighborhood.

Second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.
Woodlawn Precinct
6424 Windsor Mill Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21207
Phone: 410-887-4714
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Contact Information

Contact your precinct regarding the following programs.

ProgramContact Information

Business Patrol Initiative
The precinct maintains a list of all businesses in the area and their 24-hour contact information. Contact us to update your "night card" contact information, which is critical to the safety and security of your business.

Phone: 410-887-4714

Community Outreach Team
Connects citizens with services and programs like the Citizens on Patrol program.

Phone: 410-887-4714

Domestic Violence Coordinator
Conducts follow-up investigations to make referrals, and provide resources and support to victims throughout the criminal justice process.

Phone: 410-887-6796

Juvenile Offenders in Need of Supervision (JOINS)

Officer G. Gilmore
Phone: 410-887-4993
Public Safety Cadet Program

Phone: 410-887-4714

Mentor: K. Young

Co-mentor: J. Gill

School Resource Officer

Phone: 410-887-5165

SHIELD Program

Officer B. Glass
Phone: 410-887-4714

Traffic Team

Phone: 410-887-4714

Youth Counseling

Phone:  410-887-1394

About the Commander

Captain Jeffrey Hartman started his career with the Baltimore County Police Department in 2000 as a patrol officer and traffic officer assigned to the Essex Precinct.

  • 2005—Promoted to corporal and assigned to the Cockeysville Precinct
  • 2012—Promoted to sergeant at the Essex Precinct where he supervised a patrol squad
  • 2015—Promoted to lieutenant and assigned as a shift commander at the Parkville Precinct. Later, he was transferred to the Technology Section as the assistant commander
  • 2018—Promoted to captain
  • 2022—Assigned as the commander of the Woodlawn Precinct

In addition to his assigned duties, Captain Hartman has also been a member of the Ceremonial Honor Guard Unit since 2009

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Contact Us

Precinct 2—Woodlawn

6424 Windsor Mill Road
Woodlawn, Maryland 21207


Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.




Commanding Officer:

Assistant Commander:




Commanding Officer

Captain Jeffrey Hartman

Assistant Commander

Lieutenant Chad Rosay