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Children In Need of Supervision (CINS) Program

A mother scolding her teenager.

The Baltimore County Police Counseling Team’s Children In Need of Supervision (CINS) Program is designed to rapidly intervene with youth and families who are at risk of being referred to juvenile court on a CINS Petition.

The award-winning program provides services to families referred by patrol, school resource, and JOINS officers as well as the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services for youth who run away, act ungovernably, or are truant from school. Counselors conduct a multi-session assessment of the youth and families’ needs, then provide appropriate support, mentoring, education and referrals in the community for counseling and other services indicated.

Learn how to navigate the Maryland Juvenile Justice System by reading Putting It All Together: Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in Maryland (PDF), a document designed to clarify the legal world when faced with challenges of raising teenagers. It provides an understanding of how the system works and will give you the skills needed to make the best use of available resources.

A teenager running through an alley.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact the Counseling Team Director John Worden at 410-887-5823 or

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