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Body-Worn Camera Recording Request Form

A separate request form must be submitted for each recording request. If the requested recording does not meet the requirements for release, you will be notified in writing and will have the right to appeal a denial of your request.


The following fee process will be effective starting on August 1. Upon receipt of your BWC Request Form, the Video Management Team will prepare an estimate of the costs of your request.

  • Estimates that total $100 or more will require a 10 percent non-refundable deposit be paid before any further processing will continue.
  • Deposits not received after 60 days will result in the request being cancelled.
  • Upon receipt of the deposit, the processing will continue and the final costs will be calculated.
  • Any deposit received will be deducted from the final costs to determine the Final Amount Due.
  • Once processing is completed, you will be provided the Final Amount Due advising the remaining balance due.
  • No video will be released until receipt of the Final Amount Due payment.
  • Non-payment after 60 days from receiving the Final Amount Due will result in your request being cancelled and your deposit forfeited.

Use this form to submit a recording request.

Fields marked with * are required.
Requester Contact Information
Person in Interest Claim
I hereby assert, under the penalty of perjury, that I am a “Person in Interest” and wish to assert my rights accordingly regarding the above requested recording.
Select from the following.*
Incident Information
Please provide as much available information as possible to better locate the recording of your incident.
If names of officers are unknown, please provide physical descriptions or police car unit numbers to help identify officers.
Revised July 18, 2018         


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