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Applications and Information

Baltimore County issues licenses according to the population of each district. An overview of the process is below.

  • The applicant must have a location before applying. 
  • The applicant must meet all requirements in the application packet. (Use the license checklist.)
  • The application must be submitted for review.
  • Hearings must be advertised in newspapers. (See state law article 2B.)
  • Whether new, transfers or changes, hearings are: open to the public and held within four to eight weeks after receipt of application

License Application Packet

The license application packet lists all forms necessary to apply for liquor licenses in Baltimore County. All PDF documents will open in a new window. The application packet is also available at the Liquor Board office.


Alcohol Beverage License Book—This book lists all licenses issued in Baltimore County. The license year is from May 1 through April 30 of the following year.

Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Form (PDF)—Complete the delivery form to acknowledge the brand, size and quantity of all alcoholic beverage deliveries.

Change of Licensee—This notice shows the requirements necessary to change or replace a licensee from an existing Class A, B or D license.

Criminal Background Check—When a manager application is submitted, the Board requires a criminal background check.

Removal of Licensee—This notice shows the requirements to remove a licensee from an existing Class A, B or D license. An application fee or voters signatures are not required for this transaction.

One-Day License—Baltimore County is for bona fide non-profit organizations that are raising monies for charitable reasons. Licenses are not issued to individuals or businesses for profit.

Wine Corkage—Wine Corkage Authority authorizes any license holder of a Class B, C or D alcoholic beverage license to allow patrons to bring personal wine onto the licensed premises when the specific brand is not available from the license holder.

Class C—Club Affidavit (PDF)—This form is to be used for Class C licenses only, when there is a change of officers at the club.

Employment Registration for Minors (PDF)—A form to be used if any Class A, B, C or D licensee employs any person or persons under the age of 21, as required by Rule 5 of the Board's Rules and Regulations.

Growlers or Refillable Container Permit (PDF)—House Bill 208 (growlers legislation) is effective October 1, 2014, which allows holders of Class A, B, and D Licenses to hold a refillable container permit to sell draft beer for consumption off the licensed premises in certain refillable containers with a capacity of not less than 32 ounces and not more than 128 ounces, and that meets the standards under Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 21-107 (2013 supplement).

Managers Application (PDF)—This form should be used for any Class A, B, C or D licensee who considers an employee as manager of the establishment or who would be responsible for day to day operations when a licensee of record is not on the premises, as required by Rule 27 of the Board's Rules and Regulations. In addition to submitting managers application Criminal Background Verification (PDF) is required.

Rules and Regulations (PDF)—The rules and regulations for the Liquor Board is a set of guidelines written to be sure that every establishment in Baltimore County is in compliance.

Election District Population Chart

The Election District Population Chart (PDF) displays how the issuance of liquor licenses are determined by the population of each district, Baltimore County has 15 election districts.

Per the Board of Liquor License Commissioners: Effective March 22, 2013 new applications for Liquor Licenses will be accepted when the population figures provided by the planning department are within one percent of reaching the next level of availability for a Liquor License in a particular election district.

The maximum number of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in each of the Election Districts of Baltimore County, Maryland, shall be limited to one On Sale License, excluding Club Licenses, for each 2,500 actual population of each Election District and one Off Sale License for each 4,000 actual population of each Election District, based on and as determined by the official and most current population report of each Election District from the Baltimore County Office of Planning and Zoning. No license shall be transferable from the Election District in which it was originally located.

Revised October 30, 2019         


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