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Report Fraud, Abuse or Illegal Acts

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) identifies fraud, abuse and illegal acts in Baltimore County government, by conducting investigations in response to complaints or tips and issuing reports of its findings to the County Executive, as well as the County Council when applicable. 


A variety of situations may be considered fraud or abuse within Baltimore County government. Select a term below to learn more.

Employee Rights and Obligations

Baltimore County employees are required to cooperate fully with any OIG investigation, as stated in Baltimore County Code Section 3-14-107(b). Cooperation includes being fully candid and forthcoming when interviewed and providing any requested records in the employee's possession or to which they have access. Baltimore County Code Section 3-14-107(a) gives the Office the following authorities:

  • The right to obtain full and unrestricted access to all records, information, data, reports, plans, projections, matters, contracts, memoranda, correspondence, and any other materials, including electronic data, of the County government
  • The authority to administer oaths or affirmations and take testimony relevant to any inquiry or investigation undertaken pursuant to this title
  • The right of access to the head of any public entity, when necessary for purposes related to the work of the Office
  • Subject to subsection (b) of this section, the power to require County employees to cooperate with the Office's investigations regarding fraud, waste, corruption, illegal acts and abuse

Employees are obligated to provide the most accurate and complete information possible. To prevent even the appearance that they are withholding pertinent information, employees should avoid narrowly construing interview questions or record requests and promptly provide requested records. Even when only a general question or issue is posed, the employee should still respond with specific information they recognize as being potentially relevant.

In Administrative Investigations

For an administrative case, an employee who is in a union may request that their union representative accompany them to an OIG interview. While the representative is permitted to be present for the interview, they are not permitted to ask or answer questions on behalf of the employee. An employee may also retain a private attorney, at their own personal expense, to represent them during an OIG interview. An attorney from the Office of Law cannot represent an employee during an OIG interview as the Office of Law represents County agencies and not individual employees.   

In Criminal Investigations

For a case in which an employee has potential criminal exposure, the employee may assert their Fifth Amendment right to refuse to provide information on the grounds that the information might be used against them in a criminal proceeding. Under this circumstance, the OIG could still compel the employee to answer questions as a condition of their employment with Baltimore County, however, the employee’s statements would not be admissible as evidence at a subsequent criminal trial.

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