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Office of Information Technology

Robert W O'Connor, Director

400 Washington Avenue, Rm 33
Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 410-887-2441

Mission and Vision

Using innovative technology solutions to serve, secure, and support all Baltimore County Departments and the community is the primary mission of the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

The vision of OIT is to serve the community through technology. This diverse community includes the entire workforce, public safety, public health, public works, transportation, and every County agency. OIT's goal is to create an outstanding, secure user experience focused on the following:

  • Adaptive Services
  • Digital Equity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data-utilization
  • Workforce Empowerment
  • Community Engagement


The County's Technical Standards and Requirements (PDF) maintain consistency and reduce development or purchase of unnecessary solutions. Telecommunication Cabling Standards (PDF) outline the specifications for the installation of voice and data network cabling, including copper, fiber and coaxial, in Baltimore County facilities.

Public Information Act (PIA) Requests

These adopted Regulations (PDF) set out procedures under the Maryland Public Information Act for filing and processing requests to any agency of the County general government for the inspection and copying of a public record of an agency. Learn more about submitting a PIA request.

Revised October 13, 2021         


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