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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates
Watch the Recording of County Executive John A. Olszewski Jr. delivering the Proposed FY25 Budget Message

Prevention works with the community to promote public health to prevent alcohol, marijuana and other drug use amongst young children, adolescents and young adults. The program employs evidence-based prevention strategies to reduce behavioral health risk factors, and support policy change and compliance with local laws and regulations to ensure the safety of young people in Baltimore County.

Active Parenting Online Education Classes

Help prevent future problems with alcohol, drugs and sex; encourage success and stimulate independence for your 5 to 12 year old. Build skills for honest communication, respectful discipline and prevention of risky behavior for your tweens and teens.

Our self-paced, online parenting education classes are free for all Baltimore County residents and are low-stress, convenient and perfect for the busy parent. Once you register, the 60-day enrollment period allows you access to videos, activities and lessons from any web browser, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All participants receive a free parent guide. A gift package and certification will be provided upon course completion.  

Enhance your parenting skills from the comfort of your home. View an award-winning video series that covers the parenting of children five to 12 and parenting of tweens and teens for free. All videos are available in English and Spanish. Complete the appropriate form for the course you are interested in:

All Stars Character Education Program

The Department of Health supports the utilization of the All Stars Character Education program for fourth and fifth graders (ages 9 to 11). The focus of All Stars Character Education is on strengthening students' motivation to avoid risky behaviors by:

  • Establishing positive norms
  • Promoting bonding to positive peers and a positive adult
  • Building six positive character qualities which include being caring, forgiving, helpful, honest, respectful and responsible
  • Promote positive family relationships

There are 15 highly engaging and hands-on activities.

Organizations are eligible to apply for $1,450 to implement the program (based on 10 eligible students per group). Funds for this program are limited. Applications will be reviewed and considered for funding as they are received.

Applications will be accepted until all the funds for this program are exhausted. For more information, please contact Asheima Parkinson by calling 410-887-3324 or emailing

For additional information and to have your child join our program, call 410-887-3828.

Combating Underage Drinking Coalition (CUD)

The BCDH partners with many organizations as members of the CUD coalition. This effort focuses on affecting policies and practices associated with underage and high-risk drinking and related consequences. To become involved, email or visit Recognize The Risk.

Baltimore County Partners in Preventing Underage Drinking

  • Businesses
  • Colleges and universities
  • Courts
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Licensed beverage associations
  • Liquor Board
  • Media
  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Youth
  • You


To request staff attendance or materials to provide at outreach events, complete the Community Event Requests Form. The Bureau of Behavioral Health may provide information about substance use prevention, treatment, recovery support services, tobacco and mental health.

Supporting our Graduating Seniors

The Baltimore County Safe and Sober Transportation Company Pledge is part of a voluntary program aimed at protecting the lives of young people during the prom and graduation season. Since this is a voluntary program, all companies who sign the Safe and Sober Transportation Pledge are encouraged to adhere to the spirit and guidelines of the program.

The Baltimore County Department of Health, Bureau of Behavioral Health, the Maryland Limousine Association and Baltimore County Public School partners are working together to ensure that the guidelines of this program are followed. If a transportation company who has signed this pledge does not follow these guidelines, this oversight group has the authority to suspend or terminate the transportation company from the Safe and Sober Pledge program.

The following guidelines will be adhered to by this company and its operators for prom-related events:

  • Tobacco and vape products will not be used or transported by minors in our vehicles.
  • Alcohol will not be supplied or transported in our vehicles.
  • Alcohol use will not be allowed in our vehicles.
  • Illegal drug use or possession will not be permitted.
  • Cannabis use or possession in any form will not be permitted.
  • Companies should monitor what passengers bring into vehicles.
  • Vehicles should be checked each time passengers depart from the vehicle.
  • Appropriate number of staff should be provided to properly monitor the passengers.

Cooperating Taverns and Responsible Retailers' Program

Image of window cling

In an effort to decrease underage and high-risk drinking, the BCDH developed the Cooperating Taverns and Responsible Retailers' Program. The program is supported by the Baltimore County Police Department, Liquor Board and Licensed Beverage Association. The purpose of this program is to recognize the efforts of responsible alcohol retailers in Baltimore County.

Alcohol establishment owners who sign the Cooperating Taverns and Alcohol Retailers' Agreement receive a window cling to inform the community of their commitment to implementing responsible service practices. Creating an environment where it is difficult for youth to purchase alcohol is possible when communities work together. Be a part of the solution by refusing to purchase or provide alcohol for youth. Look for the window cling identifying responsible retailers in your neighborhood.

View a list of participating alcohol retailers who have signed the agreement, thereby joining the efforts of the Department of Health to address underage and high-risk drinking.


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